Human Needs study

Inviting individuals residing in the UK, particularly in Manchester, Midlands (Nottingham/Derby), and Watford – encompassing diverse environments such as town/city centres, suburbs, and rural areas – to participate in a research study focusing on human needs. We welcome you to engage in a conversational session where we explore your lifestyle, including your household dynamics and day-to-day routines. If this interests you, kindly click to join!

  • Location: UK, Manchester, Midlands (Nottingham/Derby) and Watford
  • Date: From 3 to 19th March 2024
  • Time: To be communicated upon recruitment
  • Duration: 105 minutes over 7 days + 120 minutes
  • Incentive: Ranging from £100 to £220 depending on selection of second phase
  • Availability: 36 slots available