How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved in research and earn extra cash while expressing your opinion. Market research is not just about filling out surveys. Companies want to know what you think and they are willing to pay for one-on-one interviews, focus groups, product testing and many more.


What is most convenient for you?

Focus groups

are a proven method for letting different people say what they think about a particular product, service or solution. This is a good way for you to share your opinions with others and take part in interesting conversations.

Tele-depth interviews

remain one of the most frequently used methodologies in market research. It is a convenient way of allowing hard-to-reach and geographically remote respondents speak. You will receive a telephone call at your home, office or anywhere else you prefer and talk about the subject of research.

In-depth interviews

are conducted with the purpose of obtaining detailed information about your thoughts on a certain product. You will have a pleasant conversation with the interviewer while enjoying your favourite drink and expressing your opinion.

Online surveys

are questionnaires that you can fill out online. It is a simple way for companies to hear what you have to say. They are usually created like a web form, where you give answers by simply clicking. You do not have to leave your home or office, all you need is an Internet connection to speak your mind.

Product tests

This is your chance to try new products, test samples, or give feedback on designs or user experience. Companies want to make sure that the product is crafted to fit the customers’ needs, so you will have the chance to test them before anyone else.


WATI is a mix of an online questionnaire and a phone interview. Once you agree to do the interview, you will receive a web address with a simple log-in password. The interviewer will guide you through the online questionnaire. It is a convenient method to complete the survey from your home or office and with the help from a real person.