Filming, Testing, Online Survey and Web Assisted Telephone Interview

Restaurants and food hygiene in UK

We are looking for restaurant managers and restaurant owners that would like to take part in a market research study sponsored by Food Standards Agency. We will send you a camera and thermometers that you should install in your kitchen for a couple of days and we will ask you to participate in a short survey and the interview, so you can also share your personal experience and insights. The research is focused on food hygiene and it will help FSA to evaluate its policies, however, your personal data will be safe, as the information will be anonymised and will not be passed to the Agency for any enforcement activity. To take part in this study, please log in or sign up below.

  • Location: Nationwide, UK
  • Date: August, to be confirmed over the phone
  • Time: To be confirmed over the phone
  • Duration: Approximately one week
  • Incentive: Up to £490
  • Availability: 45 slots available